Vancouver’s century-old Hastings Park has just begun a recent ambitious transformation. A 20-year Master Plan will have the park become a greener, year-round destination for culture, park use and recreation. As the park is unfortunately overwhelmed by its commercial tenants and overlooked by the public, we created a bright and bold new brand to catch the community’s attention and let them know that grand changes are in effect.

The sign family includes: large park gateways, pedestrian gateways, vehicular directional, map cases and pedestrian/cyclist directional, wayfinding blades, temporary gateways, interpretive, regulatory, and various guerrilla branding.

The comprehensive outdoor signage and wayfinding system informs, directs and orients vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians accessing the park. Many of the sign types are designed to be changeable or movable to evolve as the park transformation progresses.

Interpretive signage scattered throughout the park provides a deeper understanding of the history of the park's facilities.

Through persistent coordination with the client, landscape architects, fabricators and subcontractors, thorough tender documents were prepared. The first phase of signage installation has proven to be a success and phase 2 is underway.